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Civil and Environmental Engineering is one of the first engineering sciences that accompanied the development of humankind, and that it plays a major and vital role in the evolution of life and progress. This is like a constantly evolving science with continuous growths. Recently, the Civil Engineering intertwined largely with the industrial development for the production of new construction materials to meet the growing requirements to the needs of the labor market. The Civil Engineering has many specialized fields as analysis, design, construction, operation and maintenance of constructed facilities. The country infrastructure includes buildings, roads, bridges, airports, rail and traffic management, water and sanitation. In addition to, methods of treating sewage and study of environmental pollution and ways to mitigate it, building dams, digging wells, canals, management of engineering projects and solid waste management.


The Civil Engineer is the specialist who qualifies for the analysis, design, construction, operation and maintenance as well as to address the engineering issues, trying to find appropriate solutions and economic development. That allows the student to study Civil Engineering prepares future engineers to deal direct and correct and in a manner commensurate with the reality and contribute to the transport conscious of civilization and international technology, which in turn helps the continuation of the comprehensive development drive witnessed by our beloved country.



Look forward to leading role to promote education and scientific research and community service in the field of civil engineering.


Preparation of qualified engineers in the field of civil engineering education and research to provide them with the foundations of knowledge, skills and technology localization in order to serve for community development and meet the needs of the labor market


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Praise be to God, prayer and peace upon the Messenger of God Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions and after

It is with utmost pleasure on behalf of the Faculty of Engineering, we would like to welcome you in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department. One of the oldest disciplines in engineering yet evolving in its technological and innovative techniques. Civil engineers are unique and important due to their responsibility to build, develop, maintain and manage all kind of structures, facilities, cities since the dawn of civilization. We build livable cities that are accessible, based on standardized quality, and coexist with environment.

Civil and Environmental Engineering encompasses:

  • Highway and transportation engineering: one of the most important disciplines in civil engineering, the main focus in this specialty is the design and maintenance of various transportation systems such as roads, railways and airports
  • Structural engineering: concerned with structural analysis, design and improvement. Structural engineering specializes in studying structural buildings that are resistant to huge loads, as well as non-structural buildings and their designs
  • Construction project management: This specialization aims to graduate human competencies capable of managing construction projects in a scientific way that guarantees the success and effectiveness of these projects
  • Water Resources Engineering: This major is considered one of the best civil engineering majors, and it aims to teach planning, optimal investment and management of surface and ground water resources.
  • Environmental Engineering: Evaluating the environmental impacts of development plans, as it highlighted the need for alumni of environmental engineering with distinguished education and experience, as this discipline is concerned with the capabilities of designing and implementing projects in various environmental fields.
  • Geotechnical engineering: includes studying the underground conditions of soil, materials and bearing capacity, and determining their physical, mechanical and chemical properties related to the established project.
  • Survey Engineering and Geomatics: Modern technologies are used in collecting and analyzing information, using computers and satellites for surveying purposes and measuring geographical and spatial information
  • Coastal engineering: It is a path concerned with construction and development of ports and beaches, the impact of waves, ocean currents, storms, and the dynamic factors that affect the facilities near the shores.
  • The vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia needs a conscious youth who is proficient in their work and with proper management, and in return it guarantees to the civil and environmental student a prosperous future in projects and great opportunities to demonstrate his competence in them through a huge number of projects that need competent civil engineers hoping for a better tomorrow.

    Head of the Civil and Environmental Department

    Dr Marwan Mustafa A. Kheimi



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